What Is the Real Time Frame For Installing A Fence?

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Are you considering installing a fence but unsure about how long the process will take? Look no further! In this article, we’ll go over the time frame for fence installation, from start to finish. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your privacy, increase security, or add aesthetic appeal to your New Jersey property, understanding the installation timeline is essential for proper planning. It’s also one of the things we get asked about the most!

Each fence installation project is unique, which means the time frame can vary. Factors such as the type of fence, size of the project, type of ground, and the weather conditions in your area can all influence how long it takes to complete the installation. However, a typical fence installation can be completed within a a day or two. But don’t forget: you have to factor in the time it takes to either make or order your fence. By understanding the approximate time frame for fence installation, you can better plan your project and have a clearer picture of what to expect. So, let’s dive in and explore the various stages involved in bringing your dream fence to life!

6 Main Factors That Influence Fence Installation Time Frames

The first thing you have to understand about how long it will take to install your fence is that there are a lot of factors that go into answering this question. Each fence project is different. Just because we were able to put your neighbor’s fence up in a day doesn’t mean that will be the same for you. Of course, we always do our best to get fences installed as quickly as possible, but we refuse to compromise on the quality of work or material in order to get things done quickly. Here are the 6 things you need to consider when it comes to timing:

1. Fence Material

Each fencing material (wood, PVC/vinyl, chain link, aluminum, etc.) takes a different amount of time to prepare for installation. Even though a lot of people assume this, we actually do not keep fence sections in stock. Why? It’s a choice we’ve made after being in business 40+ years. We find that by building/ordering fences to order we can ensure a superior product. By following this strategy, we can make sure your wood fence isn’t just weathering in our yard or your aluminum fence isn’t getting scratched up. Vanguard aluminum fence installed by Artistic Fence in New Jersey So how long will it take? It depends on how busy the wood shop and PVC shop are. For aluminum and chain link fences, it simply depends on how busy our manufacturers are. The best way to get an accurate idea of your installation time frame is by talking to your sales rep. If it isn’t on the contract, make sure you ask your sales rep about turnaround times. At the time of this post, our turnaround time for wood and PVC fences is around 2 weeks. However, if you want a stained wood fence we have to factor in how busy our stain shop is, which puts the turn around time at 4 weeks. Similarly, if you want PVC fence that is a color other than white, you’ll need to wait around 4 weeks as well. But we’ve had years where turnaround times were as long as 2 months for certain fences! Our goal is always to get our fences installed as quickly as possible. When your fence is built or delivered to our yard, we call you as soon as possible to schedule an installation date that works for you.

2. Size of the Job:

The next factor that influences how long your fence installation will take is the size of the project. If we are just replaced a panel or two, you can be 99% certain that project is only going to take one day. However, if we are installing 200 linear feet of fence, well, that’s a different story! Sometimes, we can finish larger jobs in a day or two by sending more than one crew if our schedule allows it. We know a lot of customers might not want to talk to the installers, but all of our installers are experienced fence installers. If you have a question about how long your installation might take or the way something looks, just ask your installer! They will explain everything and be the best source of estimating how long your job is really going to take. 

3. Digging Challenges

Once your fence material and installers are ready to go at your property, it’s time to start digging! While this seems like an obvious and straightforward part of the fence installation, digging can sometimes very time consuming task. A post hole digger, which we use when installing a new fence in New Jersey. You want to avoid utility lines when installing a fence! Aren’t we lucky to live in the great state of New Jersey? There are so many different types of topography around northern NJ. That’s why the same amount of post holes can take 5 times as long to be dug in hilly, rocky town like Ringwood! When people ask: “How long is my fence installation going to take?” the first thing we always reply with is: “Digging is different in every town.” Besides just the differences in ground from town to town, you might also have underground lines that need require careful digging around. In our contracts, we inform our customers that we are responsible for calling the mark outs on public utilities (think water, gas, etc) and they are responsible for marking their own personal underground lines (like irrigation systems, electricity lines, etc.) Our installers can’t see underground. The most important thing you need to understand about this consideration is that if you have a rocky yard, it will take longer to install your fence. 

4. Gates

Another factor that will influence the timing of your fence installation is if your project includes any gates. A lot of times, customers wonder why their gates aren’t installed the same day as the rest of their fence. Depending on the style of your fence, we may have to install your gate posts first and then measure the exact area between them in order to built your gate. On the other hand, certain gate styles can take longer to arrive than others. For example, straight top aluminum gates often show up a lot sooner than arched or estate aluminum gates.

5. The Weather

Sometimes even with the most careful consideration to the forecast, Mother Nature can still throw our schedule completely off. Summer thunderstorms, early season snow, and flooding can all throw a wrench into your fence installation plans. We do our best to work no matter what, but we do have the take the safety of our installers and the their ability to install the fence correctly into account.

6. Your Town’s Permit Process

The last thing that can hold up your fence installation is completely out of your contractor’s control, and that is your town. Each town in New Jersey has their own permitting process for fence installations. These processes can vary in timing from same day approval to 10 business days zoning approval and then 10 business days building approval. It completely depends on your town, NOT your fence installer. We can’t install your fence until your permit application is approved, so if you have a busy zoning or building department, you may have to wait longer than someone with a faster building department There are very small number of New Jersey towns that allow you to install a fence (non a pool safety fence) without a permit. Two that come to mind are Ringwood and Westfield. However, there are plenty of towns that require permits for any fence work, including repairs. If you are working with a reputable contractor, they will ensure you know what permits are necessary in your specific town. We have a few fence permit guides here on our blog. Don’t see you town? Send us an email at info@artisticfencenj.com and we’ll post a guide!

Proper Planning Takes Time

Proper planning is crucial when it comes to fence installation, as it sets the foundation for a successful and efficient project. And planning effectively for a fence installation takes time. Be wary of contractors who give you a quote and tell you they can start tomorrow, as that is not enough time to receive an approved permit. Before beginning the installation process, take the time to assess your property’s layout, discuss your goals with your fencing contractor, and create a detailed plan outlining the project scope and timeline. By planning ahead, you can anticipate any challenges that may arise, address them proactively, and ensure that the installation proceeds smoothly from start to finish. In addition to logistical planning, communication with your fencing contractor is key to a successful installation. Clearly conveying your preferences, timeline, and any specific requirements you have will help the contractor understand your vision and deliver results that meet your expectations. Regular updates and open dialogue throughout the installation process can help address any issues promptly and keep the project on schedule. By prioritizing proper planning and effective communication, you can set the stage for a seamless and successful fence installation experience.

Final Thoughts On How Long It Takes To Install A Fence

In conclusion, understanding the time frame for fence installation is essential for proper planning and project management. By considering factors such as the type of fence, project size, digging conditions, weather conditions, gate measurements, and permit processes, you can estimate the duration of the installation process and set realistic expectations. Proper planning, site preparation, and communication with your fencing contractor are crucial for ensuring a smooth and efficient installation experience. Whether you choose a traditional wood fence, low-maintenance vinyl fence, elegant aluminum fence, or transparent chain-link fence, each type comes with its own installation requirements and timeline. By selecting the right materials and working closely with experienced professionals, you can achieve a successful installation that enhances your property’s aesthetics and functionality. At the end of the day, *most* of our fence installations are completed within 1-2 days, as long as there are no complications. Always ask your fence installer the day of how long they think the project will take for the most accurate estimate.

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