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All About Our Fence Company and the Folks That Work Here

The Good Fence People Since 1983.


A lot has changed since the ’80s, but we’re still here.

Our customer-focused team at Artistic Fence Company is dedicated to providing quality fencing solutions for homes and businesses across the northern New Jersey area. Why choose us? That’s simple. We’re here for you long after the last post is installed. See what it like to deal with the Good Fence People. We can’t wait to add you to the family! 

Steven boggio

Founder & President


Our local fence company has been in business for 35+ years and we’re not going anywhere. We are:

Artistic Fence Co.

Established in 1983, Artistic Fence is a locally owned and operated fencing company that has provided customers in the northern New Jersey area with long-lasting fences and home enclosures for over thirty-five years. That’s why we’re known as “The Good Fence People!” 

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