How To Get a Fence Permit In Nutley, New Jersey

White Cape Cod Style house with white picket fence which you need a permit in Nutley, New Jersey for

Wondering how to get a fence permit in Nutley, New Jersey? This post has everything you need to know, including step-by-step instructions.

What Type Of Permit Do You Need For a Fence In Nutley?

It doesn’t matter what fence material you’re using – you’ll always need fence permit in Nutley, NJ! 

The good news is that Nutley makes the application process easy. They even have a post on their website: “Permit Process In A Nutshell.” 

We’re going to go a little bit more in detail on fence permits than that post, but please call them if you have any questions at (973) 284-4951.

What Type Of Permit Do You Need?

The Township of Nutley requires property owners to obtain a Zoning Permit when erecting a fence. If you’re installing a pool fence or a fence that secures a similar body of water like a wading pool or spa, you will also need to obtain a construction permit (commonly known as a building permit). 

In this post, we are going to focus on the fence zoning permit only.

Back To Zoning Fence Permits…

The township makes it super easy for you to start the fence installation process since the Nutley Zoning Permit Application is online. Click the button below to open a fillable version of the Nutley Fence Permit application, or print it out and fill it out by hand.

How To Fill Out The Fence Permit Application in Nutley, NJ 

Like we mentioned above, Nutley’s fence application form is pretty easy to fill out. It’s only one page!

If we’re installing your fence (nice choice 😄 ) , you can give us a call at (973) 779-4540 and we’ll help you fill everything out over the phone.

You can also pay us to apply for your permit on your behalf for an additional fee, but we’ll gladly help you fill out the forms over the phone so you can save a little money! 

Horizontal wood fence on sloped yard with trees

Items 1-7 

The first seven lines of the fence permit application ask for basic information. The self-explanatory items you must include in the specified areas are (in order): 

  1. Location (Street address, block, and lot) 
  2. Name of Property Owner
  3. Owner Phone Number
  4. Owner Email Address
  5. Contractor (i.e. Artistic Fence) 
  6. Type of Fence (i.e. wood, vinyl/PVC, aluminum,  chain link, etc.)
  7. Height of Fence

These are all simple requests. if you have any questions, just give the town or your contractor a call! 

Item 8: Location of Fence

The last item on the list, item 8, asks for the fence location.

To show the proposed fence location, you must include a copy of your property survey. Mark the survey where your fence is going. Be sure to also include the size and type of fencing.

What Comes Next?

White PVC capped Bar Harbor style fence and gate with self closing latch installed by Artistic Fence Company

After you fill everything out, you must submit it to the town. Sometimes the town will let you know the fee when you submit. Other times, they will let you know later in the process.  

After you submit everything, Nutley needs to review everything. Typically there are no delays as Nutley reviews your applications. If necessary, a Code Official may request additional information in order to complete the review. 

Once your permit is approved, you can pick up a copy of your permit and place it somewhere visible on your property so your fence installer can get to work! 

Install A Fence In Nutley, New Jersey

Are you looking to install a fence at your property in Nutley, New Jersey? The Good Fence People of Artistic Fence have been installing wood, vinyl/PVC, aluminum, and chain link fences in the Nutley and the surrounding areas since the 1980’s!

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