How To Get a Fence Permit In Glen Ridge, New Jersey

Wondering how to get a fence permit in Glen Ridge, New Jersey?

The good news is – you might not even need one! If your fence is four feet high or lower, you’re good to go without a permit! Just make sure you fence is following your town’s ordinances, the good side faces to your neighbors, and that you are indeed installing it on your property.

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Is your fence taller than four feet? We have more good news – obtaining a permit for a taller fence isn’t difficult. You just need to follow a few easy steps.

Keep reading our step-by-step guide to getting a fence permit in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

Step 1: Determine Which Permit You Need

What type of permit do you need for a fence in Glen Ridge? It depends on the height of your fence.

As we mentioned above, for fences four feet and under in height, you don’t need a permit!

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For fences between four and six feet high, you’ll need a Town Fence Permit.

If your fence is going to be seven feet or more in height, you’ll need to complete a Building Permit. If you think you need a building permit, please call the town’s Building Department to double check exactly what you need to submit and how.

For the sake of this post, we are going to focus on filling out the town fence permit application.

Town Fence Permit

If your fence is between four and six feet high, you’ll need a Town Fence Permit. If you need a fence permit in Glen Ridge, this is most likely the path you’ll have to take to get your project approved.

First you need to download the Town Fence Permit forms. They are available on Glen Ridge’s website. We’ve also included a link to them below.


Filling Out The Glen Ridge Town Fence Permit Application

The Glen Ridge Fence Permit Application has four page. While this PDF might look a little intimidating, it’s really not hard to fill out. In fact, you don’t need to fill out most of the sections listed.

These are the sections you do need to fill out:

  • Property Information
  • Building
  • Description of Work
  • Building Characteristics
  • Construction Permit Application Section I
  • Certification in Lieu of Oath

Property Information (Both Pages)

The first information you need to include on the fence permit application is property information. This includes work site details, owner details and basic contact information.

The borough of Glen Ridge's Counter Form property information details for fence permits in Glen Ridge, NJ

Some homeowners get stuck on their lot and block information. This data should be pretty easy to find on your property survey. If you’re unsure, just leave that part blank. You should also leave the “Date Received” line blank as your town’s zoning office will want to fill that part out.

Don’t forget to fill out this section on the first two pages of the Glen Ridge Town Fence Permit Application!


The good part about this application is that you don’t need to fill. out every section. Since it is a fence, you can leave the “Plumbing” section empty and skip straight to the “Building” section on the right side of the first page.

In this section, you’ll need to include your fence contractor’s information, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • License Number & Expiration Date
  • Federal Employment Number:
  • Home Improvement Contractor’s License Number

Don’t freak out if you don’t know these things off of the top of your head! Your fence installer’s office has all of this information. Go ahead and give them a call so their office staff can get you all the information you need to complete this section.

If you’re working with the Good Fence People here at Artistic Fence, you can call us or email us any time for help filling this section out.


Description of Work

As you head down the Building section, you’ll see a checklist-type section for the description of work.

Check off the first option, “New Building.” Then check off “Fence” on the same line and include the height and the length of the fence in the appropriate areas. Remember, if the fence is seven feet or higher, you must fill out a building permit application.

Building Characteristics

At the very bottom on the building section, you need to include one last thing. It’s the total cost of the work and your signature. This part is pretty easy, but you can always call your fence contractor with any questions! We love to help people fill out their permit forms.

There is nothing you need to do on the second page except to reprint the property information at the top!

Construction Permit Application Section I

The next part you have to fill out is on the third page. This is the Construction Permit Application. You only need to worry about section one.

Here you include a lot of repeat information, so you should already have it. This includes property details, contractor details (including those fun license numbers,) and contact information.

You don’t need to worry about anything other than the first box (Section I) on this page.

Certificate In Lieu of Oath

The last part of the Town Fence Permit application you have to fill out is the Certificate in Lieu of Oath.

If you are the owner of the property, you need to fill out the first section labeled “Owner Section.”

Please carefully read items A-D before signing and dating where it says “Signature.” Do not fill out the Agent Section. This section is for your contractor to sign if they are the ones applying for your permit.

We will go for your permit in Glen Ridge, but we do charge a $85 fee to do so.

Step 2: Highlight The Fence On A  Property Survey Copy

Now that you’ve finished filling out this simple fence installation application, you will need to submit a copy of your property survey as well. On your property survey copy, use a highlighter to mark where the fence is going. You can also write a description of the fence, like “100 feet of 6-foot high PVC fence.”

If you’re having Artistic Fence install your new fence (nice choice!) we can do this next step for you. We’ll highlight the survey if you are unsure of the location and send it back to you to submit. 

Step 3: Include Payment and Submit

Now all that’s left to do is to submit your application! Along with the paperwork and the survey, you will need to pay Glen Ridge’s flat fee of $85. You can make checks out to Glen Ridge Borough.

Make sure you drop everything off at town hall!

Glen Ridge Borough
825 Bloomfield Ave
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Questions still? Call your town at 973-748-8400.

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