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Please note: Some GPS systems have a hard time finding us. If you’re coming to visit the showroom/office, please make sure the location is on the river side of Route 21. Some systems lead people to River Road on the opposite side of the highway.

The Easy To Contact Fence People!

Getting in touch with New Jersey’s Good Fence People has never been easier! Whether you want to fill out a form,  give us a call, message us on social media, or actually visit us – we’re here for you! Please allow 24 hours for responses during the week. We’re normally quicker than that, but some times things happen that hold us up. Please remember that we are not in the office during the weekends. We try to get back to everyone from the weekends on Monday. When the season is busy, this is harder to do, but we do our very best! 

 If you have what some people would call a “fencing emergency,” a phone call is always the best way to get in touch with our friendly fence people during the week. Please use the form fill above for the fastest response on the weekend as we have an employee who gets notifications 24/7 (although she may be sleeping depending on the time)!

We appreciate you considering our family here at Artistic Fence. We aim to treat everyone who calls or messages us with friendliness and respect and we hope that you can treat us with the same!

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757 River Drive 
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Phone : (973) 779-4540 

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Artistic Fence Co.

Established in 1983, Artistic Fence is a locally owned and operated fencing company that has provided customers in the northern New Jersey area with long-lasting fences and home enclosures for over thirty-five years. That’s why we’re known as “The Good Fence People!” 

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