How To Get a Fence Permit In Ridgewood, New Jersey

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Wondering how to get a fence permit in Ridgewood, New Jersey? This post has everything you need to know.

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What Type Of Permit Do You Need For a Fence In Ridgewood?

Ridgewood requires property owners to obtain a permit. It’s important to remember that the proposed fence must meet Ridgewood’s fence ordinances. 

Arbor, gate, and fence permanently installed on a residential property in New Jersey by Artistic fence that required an ST-8 form

Which Permit Do You Need?

If you’re installing a fence in Ridgewood and you do not have a pool or spa on your property, you need a fence permit application.

If you do have a pool or spa, you need a construction permit. This requires a little more information. 

For this post, we’re going to focus on properties without pools (although we install pool fences as well!)

Ridgewood makes it extremely easy for property owners to fill out a fence permit application. They have an application specifically for fences on their website.  If you need a Ridgewood Fence Permit Application Form, click the link below.

Download Fencing Permit Application Form

How To Fill Out The Fence Permit Application in Ridgewood, NJ 

Feel free to follow along with these notes as you fill out the form.

Ridgewood’s form is fairly easy to fill out. Here are the sections you’ll need to complete. 

If you have any questions, you can call the Village of Ridgewood, New Jersey at (201) 670-5500. Inquire with the Department of Buildings and Inspections at extension 506.

Owner Information

The first section is for the property owner details. This is where you put your name, address, and contact information. 

This section also has spots for your property’s lot, block, and zone. If you don’t know this information, just leave it blank.

Contractor Information

The second part is for the contractor information. Here you will include your fence installer’s information. This includes: 

  1. Their name
  2. The fence cost
  3. The contractor’s address
  4. Telephone number(s)
  5. Email address

Fence Information

The last part of the fence permit application you need to fill out is the fence information. 

 The first box asks you for your fence height and type. The second box is for the height of the posts. If you have any questions about the descriptions, just ask your fence contract.

We’ve been installing fences in Ridgewood for a long time. We can go for your permit for an added fee, but we will gladly talk you through the process over the phone if you want to save a little money!  

What Else Do You Need?

Along with your completed permit application, you will also have to mail in or drop off a to-scale copy of your property survey.

Completed applications and surveys should be sent to/dropped off at:

Village of Ridgewood
Department of Buildings & Inspections
131 North Maple Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

What Happens Next?

Style #221 solid wood fence with square lattice top

Once you’ve submitted your online fence application, the Village of Ridgewood will review your request. As long as everything looks good, you or your fence installer will get an email that lets you know how much the fence permit will cost. 

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