How To Get a Fence Permit In Wayne, New Jersey

PVC/Vinyl fence installed by Artistic Fence in Wayne, New Jersey in 2021


Wondering how to get a fence permit in Wayne, New Jersey? This post has everything you need to know, including step-by-step instructions.

What Type Of Permit Do You Need For a Fence In Wayne?

It doesn’t matter if you live on the hills side or the valley side – you always need a fence permit in Wayne! 

Arbor, gate, and fence permanently installed on a residential property in New Jersey by Artistic fence that required an ST-8 form


Which Permit Do You Need?

The Township of Wayne requires property owners to obtain a Zoning Permit when erecting a fence. If you’re installing a pool fence or a fence that secures a spa, you will also need to obtain a construction permit (commonly known as a building permit). 

In this post, we are going to focus on the fence zoning permit. If you have any questions about pool fences in Wayne and/or the process to obtain the correct permits, please contact town hall:

(973) 694-1800 ext. 3261
475 Valley Road
Wayne, NJ 07470
Here are some helpful links for that as well: 

Back To Zoning Fence Permits…

The township makes it super easy for you to start the fence installation process since the Wayne Zoning Permit is online. The Zoning Office also has a super helpful FAQ page to help you understand all of the fence codes and regulations.

 Click the button below to download a copy and fill it out as you read this post. 

How To Fill Out The Fence Permit Application in Wayne, NJ 

Wayne’s fence application forms are easy to fill out. There are two pages of directions and two pages you need to complete.

If you have any questions, you can call the Township of Wayne, New Jersey at (973) 694-1800.

If we’re installing your fence (Nice choice!😄 ) , you can give us a call at (973) 779-4540 and we’ll help you go through the paperwork.

Horizontal wood fence on sloped yard with trees

Agent’s Information

The second section is for the “agent’s” information. Wayne describes the agent as the personal responsible for administering the application. 

If you’re using a contractor, this is where you put their information including: 

  • The name of your sales rep or office worker 
  • The name of the business (i.e. Artistic Fence Company)
  • Company address & contact information

Application Information

The third section of the fence permit application in Wayne is all about the proposed work. this section has two questions with multiple choice answers.

The first question and your answer options on the form are:

Q: Describe the current use of the principal building and accessory buildings 
A: Answer if it’s a single-, two-, or multi-family dwelling, vacant land, or other

The second question and the possible answers are: 

Q: Check purpose(s) for which Zoning permit is requested:
A: Fence, Wall four (4) feet or greater in height, Generator/HVAC, or Shed

Aluminum fence and crowned gate over a walkway

What Else Do You Need?

Along with your completed permit application, you will also have to mail in or drop off a two site plans and a check.

Wayne accepts the use of a to-scale photocopy of a current survey as a site plan. You must mark up the copy with a drawing of your proposed fence location and height. Make sure you hand in two copies of this site plan.

The township of Wayne, New Jersey charges $25 for a fence zoning permit. You can make your check payable to the Township of Wayne.

What Happens Next?

Style #221 solid wood fence with square lattice top

Once you’ve submitted your online fence application, the Township of Wayne will review your request. As long as everything looks good, you or your fence installer will get a notification knowing your application was approved in about 10 business days. 

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