How To Get a Fence Permit In Westfield, New Jersey

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  1. Are you worrying about how to get a fence permit in Westfield, New Jersey?

This post will answer all of your questions and help you meet town codes.

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What Type Of Permit Do You Need For a Fence In Westfield?

This is actually a trick question. Unless you are installing a fence as a pool barrier, you actually don’t need a fence permit in Westfield! 

That’s right. As long as your fence meets the town codes, you do not need to fill out any paperwork to get a fence in Westfield. 

What if you are installing a pool barrier fence? Then you’ll need to fill out some paperwork. You will eventually have to fill out a construction permit. This permit ensures that your barrier meets the Uniform Construction Code so it keeps residents safe from your pool or spa.

Types Of Fences That Need a Permit 

Like we mentioned above, the only types of fences that need a permit in the town of Westfield, NJ are pool barrier fences. 

#121 Scalloped Board on Board pool fence in northern New Jersey

These are any fences that enclose a pool or spa/hot tub.

There are a lot of rules that go along with pool code fences. Most towns in New Jersey require that they are a certain height. Other common qualifications for pool fences include: 

  • Self-closing gates
  • Self-latching gates
  • Impossible to climb styles

When erecting this type of safety fence, you will first need to get Westfield’s zoning approval before a construction permit can be issued. 

If this is the type of fence you want to build, please call Westfield or head over to the town hall (COVID-precautions permitting) to start the process.

425 East Broad Street
Westfield, NJ 07090

You can also email the appropriate office.

Types Of Fences That Don’t Need A Permit

As long as you’re not enclosing a pool or hot tub, you don’t need a fence permit in Westfield! 

This takes a step out of the fence installation process, which could result in shorter wait times for installation. However, the biggest thing that holds most installations up is material. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the fencing industry has experienced greater and more frequent materials shortages and shipping delays. This isn’t always the case, but we just wanted to make you aware that not having to get a permit won’t always shorten up your timeline!

Fence Codes In Westfield, New Jersey 

Even though you don’t need a fence permit in Westfield, you fence still needs to follow the town codes. 

You can find Westfield’s codebook online, but we’ll also add them here so you don’t have go searching for them. 

Here they are:

  1. Fence are permitted in front, side, and rear yards
  2. For front yards and corner properties, fences can be up to four feet in height
  3. For side and rear yards, fences can be up to six feet in height 
  4.  If both sides of the fence are not identical, the finished/preferred side must face out towards your neighbors
  5. Fences that surround electrical apparatuses can be as high as the equipment they enclose

Install A Fence In Westfield, New Jersey

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