What Is the Best Time of Year to Install a Fence?

Old wood fence shot during the fall with the sun setting and leaves on the ground

What is the best time of year to install a fence? Most people think spring and summer are the ideal seasons to start a fencing project, but that simply isn’t true!

The cooler months of fall and winter are actually the best time of the year to start your fencing project in New Jersey, and there are four main reasons why:

  1. Quicker Process
  2. Landscape Friendly
  3. Be Ready For Your New Pool
  4. Protect Your Holiday Pup

Keep reading to really dive into why the cooler weather months are the best time to get your fence installation project started and schedule a free estimate this fall.

Beat The Rush

If your first thought when reading the title of this post was “Spring,” or “Summer,” then it should be obvious why those seasons are the worst time to call up your neighborhood’s favorite fence company!

Why Not Spring?

Here in New Jersey, spring kicks off the busy season for most fence companies. That’s not exactly the time of year you want to start your fencing project.

There are two main reasons why things get crazy in the spring.

1. People Don’t Know We Install During Winter

The first reason is that many people wrongly assume that fence companies can’t install in the winter. While some companies may choose not to work in the winter, we work all year long. We can typically complete installations throughout the winter months , but a lot of people don’t realize that. That’s why as soon as the weather starts to warm up the phones start ringing off the hook.

2.  Everyone is Excited to Get Outdoors!

Another reason why spring is the busiest time of year to start the fence installation process in New Jersey is because everyone is excited to finally get outside!

We all know the feeling of looking forward to spring. We can’t wait for the temperatures to warm up so we can get out of our houses and breathe the fresh air! 

Homeowners tend to want to do that in their backyards, so fence interest sprouts up just like the flowers in your garden during spring.

Benefits of Getting Ahead

While there isn’t a different in the quality of materials or installation during the busy season, you will be waiting longer for everything from your initial estimate appointment to your final installation day.

That’s why we always recommend beating the rush by starting your fencing project in the fall or early winter. After a relaxing summer spent outside, home owners in the New Jersey area are more focused on school, sports, and indoor improvement projects. You can take advantage of these shifting priorities by having a much quicker fence installation process.

When you get started early, you don’t have to worry about rushing to get your fence, clear your fence lines, or being ready for any backyard parties or gatherings. You can trust that your fence installers will have everything done over the fall and winter so that your new fence is installed and looking great by the time the weather warms up.

Landscape Friendly

Installing a fence during the fall or winter is also the best time of year for your plants and overall landscaping.

potted and in the ground plants up against a fence in the spring

Let’s be honest – Our yards look better in New Jersey in the spring and summer months when everything is alive and colorful. The spring is when we plant perennials like pansies and begonias, and when most of our annuals start to wake up. While this time of the year is beautiful, it can also make it much harder for our installers to get to your fence line depending on how plants you have and where they are.

As soon as the temperatures start to grow colder and the leaves start to fall, it makes it much easier for us to install on your fence line without damaging your plants. As the property owner, it also means less work for you since you are in charge of clearing the fence line. In the fall – and especially the winter – there are a lot less plants to clear.

Another similar reason as to why the fall and winter are the best times of the year to install a fence is for privacy. during this time of the year, any plants you had on your fence line that gave your some sort of privacy are probably bare. If you are looking for a privacy fence, installing one during the fall or winter gives you privacy through the winter months.

Be Ready For Your Pool

If the first two reasons weren’t enough to convince you, the third reason why you should schedule a fence estimate for the fall or winter is so that you are all prepared for a new pool!

An inground pool with stairs and a railing

Residential pool installations grew by 21% from 2019 to 2020 in the U.S. With such a large bump (brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,) also comes long waits for pool construction and pool fence installation. Unfortunately, these have not been short waits. Some people we’ve talked to in 2021 have told us they are waiting over a year and a half to have their new pool installed.

If you have a new pool installation scheduled or are thinking about getting a pool, you should use the fall and winter to plan ahead for pool fencing as well.

Pool codes differ slightly throughout different municipalities in New Jersey, but you will need a fence that is up to pool code. If you are considering getting a pool or already have the work booked, you can start using it faster (and legally) by getting your pool fence installed ahead of time.

Types Of Pool Fence

We can build pool fences out of a number of materials including aluminum, vinyl, and wood. No matter where you live in New Jersey, the reason behind requiring a pool fence is to keep people and animals safe by keeping them out of the pool area.

As we mentioned above, pool fences in New Jersey can look different but they all typically must have the folllowing characteristics:

  • Self-closing & self-latching gates
  • At least 4 feet high
  • Impossible to climb/No foot holes
  • Small openings that children cannot pass through

Have A Safe Space For Your Holiday Puppy!

Our last reason (an the best reason, in our opinion!) for why fall and winter are the best time of the year for fence installations is because of puppies!

brown pitbull playing with his owner outside in a fenced-in yard

One of the most common reasons why people call us for fencing is to give their dogs a safe place to play. If you’re planning on gifting your family a four-legged friend, get a fence beforehand so you’re ready!

Let’s be honest – Most people don’t like walking their dogs during the winter months in New Jersey. If you get a fence before the holidays roll around, you’ll be set to just let your dog out the back door when the weather gets frightful. We have a lot of experience putting up fences for dogs.

Start The Process This Fall!

Now that you know what time is the best time of year to install a fence, you can get planning!

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