Everything You Need To Know About Our Suburban Vinyl Privacy Fence

White Suburban Vinyl Privacy Fence installed by Artistic Fence with a double walk date

Even though we all offer similar fences, every fence company names their styles something different. That’s why we’re doing a series here on our blog to explain what some of our most popular fence styles look like. 

Today’s post is all about our popular vinyl privacy fence style that we call “Suburban.” 

What Is A Vinyl Fence?

First thing’s first: What even is a vinyl fence

Vinyl fences, otherwise known as PVC fences, are plastic fences made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It can get a little confusing, but all you really need to know is that PVC is a type of vinyl.

We in the business use these terms interchangeably, which leads a lot of people to ask “what’s the difference between PVC and vinyl fences?” It’s a trick question! When it comes to a fence, they mean the same thing.

What you do need to know as someone looking for a fence is that vinyl fences are a versatile, durable fence option for properties in northern New Jersey.

The Suburban style is one of our most popular styles of vinyl/PVC fencing.

What Does A Suburban Fence Look Like?

Our Suburban style fence is a standard vinyl privacy fence. Take a look at the sketch below to familiarize yourself with this fence design.

Sketch of suburban solid pvc fence

A section of this fencing consists of the following: 

  • A bottom rail
  • Top rail
  • Interlocking pickets
  • Posts
  • Post caps 
You can do plain rails, or you can add a bit of style to your privacy fence with deco-rails, which have a small bevel in them.
Suburban Solid With Deco Rail

Customizing Your Vinyl Privacy Fence

All Suburban fences look the same in that they share interlocking pickets to create a privacy wall of sorts. 

Beyond that, they can look very different.

Suburban Lattice Vinyl Privacy Fence with diagonal lattice topper

In fact, there are a lot of customization options when it comes to the Suburban PVC fences. Since we build the Suburban fences at our Passaic, NJ workshop, we can alter this style fence to fit your needs and your own, personal style. 

Vinyl Fence Post Caps

The easiest thing to customize is your post caps. All of our vinyl fences can use one of our seven post cap styles:

  1. Ball cap
  2. External flat cap
  3. Gothic cap
  4. New England cap
  5. Coachman cap
  6. Internal flat cap
  7. Teardrop cap

pvc fence cap styles from left to right: ball cap, external flat cap, gothic cap, New England, coachman, internal flat, and teardrop

Fence Topper

Another way you can customize the look of a Suburban vinyl privacy fence is by adding a topper. 

The basic Suburban fence follows the build we described above: The top rail, bottom rail, posts, post caps, and pickets. 

But, you can change the way the top foot of the fence looks like a topper. 

We have several topper options. You can choose: 

  • Diagonal lattice

    Suburban lattice top prviacy fence with 1ft diagonal lattice

  • Square lattice

    Suburban Square Lattice Privacy fence is composed of mostly privacy panels with the top foot having square lattice instead of diagonal

  • Open top pickets

    Suburban Open Topped Privacy fence has pickets on the top foot that go past the top bar

  • Closed top pickets

    Suburban Closed Top picket fence has small pickets on the top foot that end with the top bar

  • Scalloped pickets

    Suburban Scalloped Open top pvc privacy fence combines the open top picket style with the scalloped , concave style

Each topper design offers its own distinct look to your property. A lot of people choose diagonal lattice, but we are big fans of the less popular closed-top picket look. When it comes down to it, it’s your fence so it really is whatever you like the most!

Fence Color

One last way you can customize the look of your vinyl privacy fence is by the color. 

We do most of our Suburban fences in white because it is the most cost-effective and readily available color. During the first year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic, white was actually the only color our manufacturers were producing. Luckily, this has since changed.

Depending on availability, we can also build the Suburban fences in grey, clay, and beige colors. 

If you’re interested in a color other than white for your PVC privacy fence, be sure to ask the receptionist or your sales representative for availability!

Top 3 Reasons For Getting A Privacy Fence

Solid white vinyl privacy gate with horizontal lattice top

Why is Suburban one of our most popular fence styles? We’ve rounded up three of the biggest reasons people love this vinyl fence style!

1. Privacy

The main benefit of any solid fence is privacy (duh – it’s in the name!). This is key in New Jersey, where even most suburbs have homes that are close together. Privacy fences are very popular in our state.

It doesn’t matter if you have a nosy neighbor or a noisy neighboring business. A privacy fence is the perfect way to not only separate your properties, but cut off all views. 

Adding a privacy fence like the Suburban turns your backyard into your own little oasis. Homeowners also use this style to gain privacy for their swimming pools. 

2. Good For Pools

That brings us to our second point. Our Suburban fence style is a good match for yards with swimming pools.

Residential vinyl swimming pool fencing barrier that is up to NJ pool code

It doesn’t matter if you have an in-ground or above-ground pool; PVC fence style meets most towns’ pool codes. 

Another added bonus is that this style of vinyl fencing also gives you extra privacy while you enjoy your pool. If you happen to get along with your neighbors, you can always add a gate for them to use when they come swim with you! 

3. Good For Dogs

The last main reason while people love our Suburban PVC privacy fence is that it’s a great option for their four-legged friends! 

We all know (and some of us even have) those dogs that go crazy every time they see anyone or anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, the mailman, or another dog – they’re just loud! 

A privacy fence helps with this problem by completely obscuring your dog’s vision. That way, they can’t see anyone that is passing by. It gives them a safe place to play and it will make your neighbors happier, too! 

How Much Does a PVC Privacy Fence Cost?

If you’re ready to find out how much a Suburban PVC privacy fence costs, it’s time for a free estimate appointment! 

Our no-obligation appointments are the best way to find out exactly how much a new vinyl fence is going to cost you.

We don’t give you ranges and trick you into thinking you are getting a deal. We come out and measure to give you an exact price for what your project costs. 

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