Why We’re One Of The Best Fence Companies In NJ

5 Reasons Why We're One Of The Best Fence Companies in NJ

Anyone can claim they’re one of the best fence companies in NJ, but we decided to prove it. We love building and installing fences in the northern NJ area and have gotten pretty good at it over the last four decades.

We hate to toot our own horn, but the fence reviews don’t lie. From our “in-depth knowledge” of town fence codes to our “reasonable prices” and “honest work,” we’re a go-to call for most residents and businesses considering fencing in northern New Jersey.

A White pvc scalloped gate installed by Artistic Fence of northern NJ

Want to learn more about why the Good Fence People make up one of the best fence companies in NJ? Here are 5 reasons why we are a (a fence rail) above the rest!

1. We’re Familiar With NJ Fence Laws

The general public thinks that there is some sort of statewide fence law in New Jersey, but that isn’t true. Instead, each town sets any fencing regulations in their town code. Depending on your municipality, your Zoning or Building Department is in charge of fencing codes.

If you happen to live in any of the towns we regularly work in, our sales representatives know your fence codes.

When you trust us to install your fence, you don’t have to worry about installing an illegal fence. Whether it’s the height of your fence or the location, we know what is allowed and what is not so you don’t get fined.

2. Permit Process Perfection

Much like we know NJ towns’ fences codes, we also understand the permit process. This is another extremely important aspect of any fence installation. All too often, we hear from property owners that another fence company told them they “don’t need a permit,” or that they’ll do the work without a permit.

Wood fence installation | Horizontal wood fence installation in northern New Jersey

While there are some towns that allow you to install fences below a certain height without a permit, it’s important you are 100% certain you don’t need one before your fence company starts the work. Unfortunately, a fence isn’t an easy construction project to hide. If you needed a permit and your contractor fails to get one, you could be in a lot of trouble. What’s worse, they might even hit a gas or water line in your yard.

Since we’ve been a fencing installation company since the 80’s, we know when a permit is necessary. If you do need a permit, we make the process as simple as possible. Our office staff can walk you through the permit process for free (it’s easier than it sounds!) or you can pay us to obtain your permit for you. Either way, you know you”re covered.

3. In-Person Estimates

In-person estimates are the key to any successful fence installation.

In today’s age of instant gratification, we get it when property owners are upset we require an in-person estimate. “Why can’t you give us a quote over the phone?”

We conduct an in-person, on-site free estimate every time because it’s the only way to ensure the job is priced and installed correctly.

When we come out to your property, we can successfully do a few things. Firstly, we can measure your fence line. This allows us estimate the price correctly the first time and understand exactly what materials we need.

It also helps us determine if you fence design is feasible for your yard. For example, horizontal fences look great on flat yards but are near-impossible to do on hilly yard.

Thirdly, an in-person estimate gives us a chance to see your fence line. We’re fence installers – not landscapers. If you have shrubs or yard waste or even trees in the fence line, we need to make a plan for them from the beginning.

Don’t worry – these estimates are always free! We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us.

4. Four Major Types of Fences

There’s nothing worse than wanting to change your fence material just to learn that your installer doesn’t work with what you want! That’s why we install the four main types of fences:

  1. Wood
  2. PVC / Vinyl
  3. Aluminum
  4. Chain Link

Our wood fences are typically cedar and/or pressure treated. On the other hand, our PVC fences can be as simple as your basic white PVC fences to textured or composite materials. When it comes to aluminum, we install both residential and commercial-grade products.

Narrow Spaced Aluminum Black Fence

Narrow Spaced Contemporary Aluminum Fence

We don’t forget about chain link, either! Although it’s often overlooked, chain link is a great option for a lot of NJ properties. Adding slats or changing the fabric color is a great way to customize!

Not only do we install all of these types of fences, but we know what works for each use case. Looking to keep distracted dogs in your yard? You’ll want to steer away from aluminum, which doesn’t offer privacy. Want a picket fence that’s easy to maintain? PVC is the material for you! We have options, so you don’t need to shop around.

5. Handmade Wood & PVC Fences

Artistic Fence Custom Wood Fence Style sheet

Another reason why we’re known as “The Good Fence People” is because we build our wood and PVC fences at our workshop in Passaic.

Not every fence company has the resources to build their own wood and vinyl fences, but we luckily do! This gives our customers a lot of flexibility when it comes to fence design. While we have our wood fence design sheet and vinyl brochure, we can incorporate other designs. We often come up with artistic layouts for garden fences and other decorative pieces!

There’s nothing wrong with installing pre-built sections, as long as they are high quality! While we don’t build our aluminum fences, we order trustworthy materials from Vanguard that we’ve stood behind for years.

Let’s Get To Work!

Anyone can say they’re one of the best fence companies in NJ – Let us prove it. Fill out the form today and we’ll show you how our experience, product offerings, and service put us above the rest. We proudly service the northern NJ area, including: Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, Passaic County, parts of Somerset County, and parts of Sussex County, and Union County.