8 Ways To Look For Fence Companies Near Me in Northern NJ

How to choose the best fence company near me in northern NJ

One of the first things people in northern NJ do when searching for a fence is start an internet search for “fence companies near me.” But out of the results, how do you know who to trust?

There are definitely a lot of things to consider. Here’s a quick list of our top 8 ways to look for fence companies near you in northern New Jersey.

Keep reading to figure out what you should look for if you are in the market for a fence in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County, Morris County, Somerset County, Sussex County, or Union County.

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How Long They’ve Been In Business

One of the first things you can look for when searching for fence companies near me in northern NJ is how many years the company has been in business.

If a company is scamming people or doing a bad job, they normally won’t be around too long. New Jersey property owners are pretty smart, and companies that do a poor job over and over again just don’t make it here.

Two Artistic Fence Super Installers standing in front of the best wood fence material in Nutley, NJ

Fence installers that have been around for decades are most likely doing something – if not most things – right. Artistic Fence has been in business for nearly 40 years. Many of our sales representatives and installers have been here for 10, 15, or even 20 years.

When you go with an established fence contractor like us, you get unmatched experience. We’ve been installing fences in the northern New Jersey area for decades and know the in’s and the out’s of a successful fence installation project.

Another important reasons to go with a company that has been around for a while is because these fence companies have a reputation to uphold. We didn’t work hard for 38 years for nothing. Established New Jersey fence companies will often go the extra mile to ensure the success of a fence project long after the

How Their Website Looks

A second telltale way to screen a fence contractor is by looking at their website. Not everyone is a tech-savvy, but a good fence contractor will make sure that they have an informative, functioning website.

A fence company’s website should help you learn about their business, their installation process, and their available fencing options.

The six key things that should be on a fence installer’s website include:

  • Their Contact Information
  • Service Area(s)
  • Examples of Previous Work
  • Fence Options
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Form

It doesn’t have to be a fancy website with animations or videos, but it should have all of the information you need to make a decision. A fence blog with helpful information on the installation process, materials, and permit applications is also a bonus!

Examples of Previous Work

Speaking of their website, you should always take a look at online examples of previous work.

Any reputable fence installer in northern New Jersey will have a website that includes pictures of their fences. Try to look for a contractor that has a lot of pictures of the fence style or material you are looking for (unless, of course, you’re looking for something custom!)

Most trustworthy fence companies will have a gallery full of pictures of fences they really installed throughout the northern New Jersey area.

An in-person show room really isn’t the best example of how a fence looks after its been installed. If you think about it, our area has a lot of varying landscapes. It’s important to see how your potential fence contractor installs fences on real-life landscapes and obstacles like hills or masonry features.

Their Online Reviews

Whether you or tech-savvy or not, there’s no denying that plenty of people leave online reviews for home improvement services. Doing a quick online search for your company should result in their Google Business page (if it doesn’t, you might want to look elsewhere!).

A fence company’s Google Business listing is a great source of real reviews penned by customers. It’s a good idea to look for a company that has a pretty good amount of reviews. You know you can trust a review when the customer has written a good amount of information and mentioned employees by name.

We also recommend looking for a fence contractor that has both good and bad reviews. It’s very rare that a company has only good reviews. Let’s be real, here – It’s hard to make everyone in New Jersey happy! So take a look and see if there are any reviews that are less than 5-stars and how the company reacted/responded.

Speaking of responses, definitely take a look at if the fence installer responds to their messages on Google Business or any other online review page like Facebook or Yelp. That’s a good indication on how responsive they will be during the fence installation process.

Is The Company Properly Insured

This is a big one that you might overlook. I think it’s because we want to assume the best of people and we just think that everyone doing business is insured. But the sad truth is, some companies do work without the proper insurance.

Accidents happen. You want to pick a fence installer that is prepared with the correct insurance.

There really isn’t much to say about this step in the process. We recommend you verify your potential fence contractors’ insurance information with them before you sign anything to give yourself peace of mind.

Office Responsiveness

Another quality of a fence installer you want to hire is responsiveness.

Fence companies can get busy (and that’s a good sign!), especially in the springtime. While it might be hard to get a hold on your particular sales rep, it should always be easy to get in touch with the office.

Whether it’s for an initial appointment or an installation, your fence contractor should be reachable by phone, email, contact form, or social media. While everyone has their own life, it’s standard practice for companies to get back to you within 24 hours on business days.

We don’t technically work on the weekend, but the person who handles our online presence does tend to get back to people on the weekends when she can.

Do They Do Repairs

We get calls every week asking if we do repairs and people are always surprised when we say “yes.” We do repairs on our fence and other companies’ fences because there is no job too small for us.

White vinyl picket fence and gate with black latches installed at a residential property in New Jersey by Artistic Fence

You should stay away from companies that only do new installations because those companies show their top priority is making money. Companies that do repairs show that they care about their customers and that you can count on them if something happens to your fence in the future.

Our repair process has seen some improvements in the last couple of years.

If They Give You A Ballpark or a Real Number

One last way to find the best contractor near you is by their estimate. You should have an exact estimate from your fence installer that includes all material and labor. If applicable, it should even include how the price might change if other material is needed.

A lot of times, fence contractors will quote you a ballpark figure. Be wary of this approach. Sometimes they will give you a ballpark and then charge you closer to the lower end so you think you’re getting a deal. At the end of the day, you should have an exact figure on your signed contract so you know exactly what to expect.

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