10 Awesome Things You Have To Know About Aluminum Fences

10 Awesome Things You Need To Know About Aluminum Fences

Ornamental aluminum fences are a great option for New Jersey property owners.

Why? There are a ton of reasons why home and business owners in the Garden State choose aluminum.

Besides the fact that you can customize aluminum fences to meet almost any artistic vision, there are many other practical benefits to choosing aluminum fencing for your yard.

Take a quick look at the list below to see the 10 awesome things you have to know about aluminum fences and scroll down to learn more about each item!

  1. They Last Longer Than Wrought Iron
  2. They Come In Multiple Colors
  3. You Should Only Purchase AAMA Certified Aluminum Fences
  4. Easy Maintenance!
  5. You Can Choose Residential or Commercial Grade
  6. There are Contemporary and Traditional Styles
  7. You Can Customize Their Look With Details
  8. Get Gates to Match!
  9. Safely Enclose Your Pool
  10. They’re Worth The Wait

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1. They Are Extremely Durable

The first main reason why people choose aluminum fences is that they are very durable. In fact, they are more durable than their look alike: wrought iron fencing.

When people call us and ask if we install wrought iron fencing, we proudly tell them “no.” This is because aluminum is by far the more superior product. Here’s why:

While wrought iron might sound sturdier and long-lasting than aluminum, it rusts fairly quickly in New Jersey. While these rust spots might take years to cause actual damage to their fence, they don’t exactly look nice. Why spend a lot of money on a fence just to have it look old and weathered?

Aluminum fences don’t rust. Beyond that, their powder coating and flexibility make them extremely durable choices for New Jersey properties – especially when you go with commercial-grade aluminum fencing (more on that later, so keep reading!).

Want to learn more about the differences between aluminum and wrought iron fencing? We have a blog for that! Click through to read the battle of aluminum vs. wrought iron!

2. Aluminum Fences Are Available In Multiple Colors

The second awesome thing you need to know about aluminum fences is that they are highly customizable. You can even choose the color!

While black is by far the most popular aluminum fence color, these durable, powder-coated fences are also available in white and bronze. This is perfect for homes in New Jersey who are looking to match existing architectural features on their property.

White crowned aluminum fence with finials

While black is the classic, go-to aluminum fence look, white and bronze can look really sharp at your home or business.

3. Make Sure Your Aluminum Fence Is AAMA Certified!

Remember when we talked about durability above? It’s not just a marketing tactic. There are certifications to back this up!

The fences we install here at Artistic Fence Company are AAMA certified to ensure they can weather the weather no matter what part of New Jersey we install them in!

Narrow spaced black aluminum fence and crowned gate installed by Artistic Fence Company of northern NJ

Our aluminum fences are painted with a super-durable powder coating specifically designed for harsh exterior applications. This coating easily meets the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s AAMA-2604 certification to ensure the highest standard of coated aluminum products.

When it comes down to it, these standards ensure your fence will survive five years of UV exposure (in Florida no less!), 3,000 hours of humidity, and salt-spray resistance.

AAMA ensures the highest degree of quality. And when it comes to your property, can you really afford any less?

4. Aluminum Fences Have Easy Maintenance

This is a pretty small section but a pretty BIG benefit!

Aluminum fences are great because they are easy to take care of.

You don’t have to reseal or re-stain an aluminum fence like you would for a wood fence.

The only real maintenance you need to do on an aluminum fence is a yearly wash (if that). You don’t need to buy soap or anything fancy. Just give the fence a quick spray with your garden hose to wash off any debris or dirt and you’re ready to go!

Easy peasy, right?

5. You Can Choose Residential or Commercial Grade

The next amazing thing about aluminum fencing is the choice. We already talked about how aluminum fences are durable, but you can make them even tougher by choosing commercial-grade aluminum fencing.

Commercial aluminum fences are a stronger style than the residential alternative. These fences have larger pickets, posts, and a deeper horizontal rail.

Not only are they stronger, but they also have a stronger and sturdier look like the residential fences. Think of it like seeing font in bold compared to normal-weight.

Computer Generated Image of Avant Commercial E-2 Aluminum FenceComputer Generated Image of Residential Avant Aluminum Fencing Style E-2
Commercial (left) vs. Residential (right)

It’s important to keep in mind that these aluminum fence panels are not as long as the residential aluminum panels (at least in the brand we sell). The commercial aluminum sections are 6-feet wide and the residential aluminum sections are 8-feet wide.

Most homeowners don’t need commercial-grade fencing unless they really like the look, but it’s a good choice for New Jersey business owners!

6. More Choices! Contemporary Vs. Traditional

We love aluminum fences because of all the choices! There are so many different ways to make an aluminum fence your own. Besides the color and the grade, you can also choose the style!

Those of us in the fence business break down aluminum fencing styles into two categories: Contemporary and Traditional.

Contemporary aluminum fence profiles feature a smooth-top finish, while traditional profiles have pointed finials on top. Traditional profiles mimic wrought-iron fences while contemporary profiles are their own unique style.

Let’s take a look at some examples of contemporary and traditional residential profiles that we offer for install here at Artistic Fence.

Contemporary Aluminum Fences

Traditional Aluminum Fences

Interested in all the styles we install here at Artistic Fence? Why not download our partner’s brochure? We’ve been working with Vanguard Aluminum Fences for years and trust their quality and craftsmanship at our own homes.


7. There Are So Many Details To Choose From!

Thought we were done with choices? You thought wrong! There are still a lot of ways to customize your aluminum picket fence.

There are five main extras you can add or change that will make your aluminum fence unique to your New Jersey property’s character:

  • Spacing
  • Finials
  • Caps
  • Rings
  • Scrolls


The first detail you can customize about your fence is the spacing of the pickets.

Normal spacing between pickets of our aluminum fences is a little over 3 inches. Narrow spaced aluminum pickets only have about an inch of space between them. Take a look at the differences below:

Contemporary black aluminum fence and single flat gate enclosing a grassy backyardResidential aluminum fence installation in northern NJ

Just keep in mind, since there are more pickets on the narrow spaced profiles, they do tend to cost a little bit more!


The next type of detail you can add to your aluminum fence is finials.

Finials are decorative, powder-coated additions for the top of your aluminum fence pickets. Here at Artistic Fence, we offer three different finial styles:

  1. Imperial
  2. Majestic
  3. Fler-De-Lis


Aluminum Finials offered by Artistic Fence Company by Vanguard Aluminum Fences
Aluminum Finials offered by Artistic Fence Company by Vanguard Aluminum Fences

As you can see from the pictures, each of these finial options are distinct and can greatly alter the way your fence looks. If you want a wrought iron fence but don’t want the hassle, finials are a great way to make your aluminum fence pass as wrought iron. It’s like getting the best of both worlds!

If you’re interested in adding finials to your aluminum fencing project, keep in mind that they are only available on certain types of aluminum fences.


Similar to finials, caps are a decorative extra that can add a distinctive look to your aluminum fence. Instead of going on each picket like finials, caps sit on top of the posts.

By default, most aluminum fences have flat caps. You can add a little flair by changing the flat cap to a ball cap.


The next detail you can add to your aluminum fencing project is rings.

Black aluminum fence and gate with circle embellishments

Rings are aluminum circles that sit towards the top of the aluminum fence or gate sections. When you add rings to your fence, you are truly adding a unique aspect that most aluminum fences don’t have. We really love the way they look!

Like finials, rings can only be added to certain styles of aluminum fences. Make sure your fence installer knows that you’re interested in rings as soon as you can so they can choose a style that fits your vision!


The last extra detail you can add to your aluminum fence to customize its look is scrolls.

Decorative aluminum scrolls are an attractive addition to fence panels and gates. These scrolls add character to the straight pickets commonly seen in aluminum designs. At Artistic Fence, we offer two types of scrolls:

  1. Butterfly Scrolls
  2. Estate Scrolls
Butterfly scroll and estate scroll aluminum fence extra available for install from Artistic Fence Compan
Butterfly Scroll and Estate Scroll Offered by Vanguard Aluminum Fencing

While scrolls aren’t exactly a popular choice here in New Jersey, they are available for people with unique properties or for those who have a very specific artistic vision.

8. Gorgeous Gates

Now that you know all about the extras, the next amazing fact about aluminum fences is that they come with gorgeous matching gates!

Aluminum gates are lightweight and can match just about any fence style we’ve outlined already! It doesn’t matter if your aluminum fence is white or black, regularly-spaced or narrow – there are gates out there to safely allow access to your property!

We offer a standard gate that matches every fence style and height. You can even choose between a straight gate, arched gate, double arch gate, or estate gate!

Aluminum gates also look really awesome when paired with masonry features and stonework! Take a look at some of the different aluminum fence door styles we’ve installed recently below:

9. Safe Pool Enclosures

One of the best things about aluminum fences is that they are a safe pool enclosure!

We take pool codes and fence safety very seriously here at Artistic Fence. That’s because we know that the only thing standing in between your pool and wandering kids and pets is our fence. It has to meet the highest standards of safety, while also enhancing the look of your outdoor oasis.

We install pool enclosures that are built to standards established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These aluminum fences feature several design elements intended to prevent accidents and enhance pool security here in New Jersey.

Here’s what makes the Vanguard aluminum pool fences we install some of the safest out there:

  • The aluminum fence pickets are spaced to keep small children from crawling through
  • Rails are flush to the bottom to keep the space between horizontal rails at more than 45 inches to remove climbing footholds
  • Pool gates have spring-loaded hinges
  • Pool gates have self-closing hinges and magnetic safety latches. These latches have been tested throughout more than 400,000 opening and closing cycles

10. They’re Worth The Wait

The last amazing thing you have to know about aluminum fences is that they are worth the wait! Most fence installers in northern New Jersey do not keep all aluminum fence styles in stock and ready to install at their storage facilities.

This is because aluminum can get scraped or dented while waiting for install in a busy fencing yard. Here at Artistic Fence, we order most aluminum jobs (and most gates!) to order. As soon as we get your aluminum delivered to the yard, we like to get you right on the schedule.

Aluminum can, at times, take a little longer than the other types of fences since we don’t make it here. But after going through this list we hope you’ll agree that they’re worth any wait! If you have your heart set on an aluminum fence, you’ve made the right choice! Just be patient and know that it’s going to look fantastic after installation.

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