How Long Does It Take For A Fence To Be Installed?

how long does it take for a fence to be installed?

One of the questions we get A LOT is: “How long does it take for a fence to be installed?” 

If you try searching the internet for this question, it likes to just spit out an answer of something like “1 to 4 days,” but that isn’t always accurate.

The truth is, the timing of your fence installation depends on a lot of different factors, like: 

What Are You Talking About?

Keywest vinyl fence, semi-privacy vinyl fence style installed by Artistic Fence in Montclair, New Jersey

No, really! This question can be a little confusing. 

Are you wondering how long the entire fence installation process takes from start to finish or how long the actual, physical installation takes? Those are two way different questions… 

So let’s answer both! 

How Long Does The Fence Installation Process Take?

Some people call fence contractors expecting someone to be there that day to install a fence.

That’s just not realistic! The fence installation process requires time to quote the job, obtain any necessary permits, order and/or build your sections, and install. We have an in-depth blog post on what the fence installation process looks like for Artistic Fence customers, but we’ll share a brief overview here as well.

The Fence Installation Process

Two Artistic Fence Super Installers standing in front of the best wood fence material in Nutley, NJ

The first step is scheduling a free estimate appointment. During this appointment, a sales rep will come meet you at your property to measure and talk to you about the scope of your project. 

Next, your sales rep will give you an estimate. Sometimes our team can get you estimates for smaller or simple jobs right when they are there. Other times, they will email out the estimate in a day or so. 

This step can take longer if you want something very specific or if you want estimates on a few different materials, so keep that in mind! 

Paperwork Time! 

After your receive the estimate and are happy with the details of the project, it’s time to move forward with contract paperwork! Your sales rep will send you your contract as well as a few other forms we’ll need to move forward, such as: 

  • An ST-8 Form 
  • Permit Form 
  • Expectations Letter/Underground Utility Form

This is also the point in time when we process your fence deposit. Paperwork can be sent and signed with in a day or so – depending on your tech savviness! 

Waiting On Us

Once you sign your paperwork, the ball is almost always in our court (unless you are going for your own permit, which is super easy!) 

At this time we’ll get your materials ordered and fence built (if it’s PVC or wood). We schedule your install once we know your permit and fence are ready (or will be ready in the next week or so). We do not schedule out months in advance.

Fence Materials & How They Impact Your Installation Lead Time

One big thing to consider when talking about fence installation timing is your material. Different fence materials have different lead times depending on how your installer operates. 

Take us, for example. At Artistic Fence, we pretty much make every fence to order. This helps us reduce waste and ensures our customers are getting exactly what they want. However, it also means that neither we nor the customer (you) control it. 

At this time of publication,our turn around times are a lot better than they were just a year ago (summer 2021). The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t really change the way we were installing fences, but it did impact our suppliers greatly. It was taking us months to get certain materials.

Here are some factors that impact installation lead times depending on the type of fence: 

PVC / Vinyl
How to choose the best fence company near me in northern NJ

Two things that could make your PVC fence installation take a little bit longer are colors and textures. 

White vinyl fences typically go up the fastest because they are the most popular. That means it’s easier and faster to get white material that tan, grey, or clay materials. 

The second vinyl timing factor, texture, can make your fence take even longer. This isn’t in our hands, but in the hands of our suppliers. Because those types of fences are more expensive and less popular, they build the pieces per order. It can take a while for those to get shipped to us. 

Rest assured that when your colored and/or textured vinyl fence gets to us, we want to schedule you ASAP. We don’t like to hold onto your fences in our yard! 


Cedar wood privacy fence. Solid tongue and grove wood fence built and installed by Artistic Fence of northern NJ

Next up is wood. The main thing that can hold a wood fence installation up is staining. 

We like to stain our fences before we install them. Why? There is nothing at the way in our paint workshop, so we can ensure a faster, smoother paint job without brush or rocks getting in the way.

We aren’t a huge company, so we just have once painter. If it’s a year when stained fences are really in, this could hold up your job a little bit. Especially since we need your fence to be dry before and after we stain it for a few days, so we’re also at the mercy of mother nature.

We always send the painter out for touch ups after the install! 


Residential aluminum fence installation in northern NJ

Since we don’t build aluminum fences in our workshop, those can take longer. It all depends on the manufacturer. 

Some styles are easier to get than others. You can expect to wait a little longer if you have custom sized gates, accent gates, special styles, or colors. 

It is always our goal to install as fast as we possibly can. As soon as your fence arrives at our yard we try to get you on the schedule!

If you have questions about timing, please feel free to ask your sales rep or anyone at the office! 

How Long Does It Take For a Fence To Be Installed (Actual Install Days)?

  • Time of Year
  • Short-Term Weather Forecast
  • Digging

Ok, so that’s the entire process. But what about days on the job?

This question is easier to answer than the other because there are less variables. Those variables include:

We here at Artistic Fence get most fence installations done within 1-2 days

If you have a really large property or a job that requires different materials and timing, it might take longer. But our crews work hard to finish up jobs. 

For example, if you are getting a wood fence and an aluminum fence, we might come out and do the wood fence sooner because we can make it faster and you might need it. Then we would come back when the aluminum gets delivered. 

Time of Year

The time of year or season we’re in can definitely impact the timing of your fence installation process. During the fall, most jobs go up uninterrupted by Mother Nature. 
On the other hand, the winter can be a little bit more difficult. We mighthave you on the schedule for an install, but snowstorms could push it out a few weeks. We tend to install fences when there is snow on the ground, but if we have a crazy winter when feet of snow pile up, you might be waiting a little longer.
We don’t want that to deter you from getting a fence in the winter, though. There are a ton of reasons to get a fence installed in the winter!
*Quicker Winter Install Tip*
Don’t pile up snow where your anticipated fence is going to be installed! 

Short-Term Weather Forecast

Another factor is the short-term weather forecast.

If we are working through a summer heatwave, the installers might work a little slower and take more water breaks than they would on a crisp fall day. We try to balance safety with speed.

If there are thunderstorms all day, we might have to pack up and come back in a day or two. It all depends on what Mother Nature wants to do. And since we see it all in New Jersey, we just roll with the punches!


Three red flags and spray painted grass indicating underground utility lines

Let’s talk about digging. To install a fence, we need to dig a few feet down to set the posts.

Some NJ towns are easier to dig in than others. For example, we typically have an easy time in areas like Plainfield. On the other hand, rocky towns like Ringwood can have the same job take a day or two more. 

To get a good idea of how long your job is going to take, talk to your installers after you lay out the job together. Our crews are pretty good at estimating timing and communicating any changes or problems while they are working in your yard. 

Start The Installation Countdown!

Now that you have an idea of how long it is going to take, why not start the countdown?

Remember, the fence installation process starts with a free and accurate estimate appointment. You can get on our schedule by calling the office at 973-779-4540 or filling out the form below.

Of course, you can always call us and ask “How long does it take to get a fence installed?” and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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